22 Things you didn't know about Disneyland

One of the most fun theme parks has some secrets. Next time you go to Disneyland you'll know a bit more of the park's history.

1. All the plants in Tomorrowland are all edible.
2. Behind the Haunted Mansion is a pet cemetery. (not for real pets example Mr. Toad)
3. It originally opened with 18 attractions. (14 of them are still around)
4. Disneyland was built in one year (and cost about $17 million dollars)
5. There are over 200 cats in Disneyland.
6. There is a secret apartment in the fire station. ( some people say that it was Walt Disney's)
7. Real human skeletons were used for the Pirates of Caribbean. (only one remains.)
8. Park admission was $3.50. (in the '50s)
9. Walt's daughters were the inspiration for Disneyland.
10. Disneyland has only closed three times in it's history.
11. Gum and Shelled peanuts are prohibited for the park. (they say it's to keep the streets clean.)
12. King Arthur's Carousel is older than the park itself.
13. The Sleeping Beauty Castle is the only castle with a working drawbridge.
14. Over 2.8 million churros are sold every year.
15. Walt Disney made ABC to fund Disneyland.
16. The Indiana Jones ride was going to be a two-part experience. (They planned to have a mini land)
17. A time capsule was buried under the Sleeping Beauty Castle. ( And will be opened on July 17, 2035 or on their 80th anniversary)
18. A flight restriction has been placed over the park. (No aircrafts are allowed within a three mile radius around Disneyland)
18. Anyone can ride the wheelhouse on the Mark Twain Riverboat. (Just ask a cast member)
19. Cast members are not allowed to use one finger gestures. (To avoid offending any cultures)
20. The Main Street opera house is the oldest building in the park. (First it was a mill house then converted to an opera house.)
21. There's a secret club for special members. (called club 33)
22. You can get free popcorn samples.

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