6 Best Halloween Pumpkins

       Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is carving pumpkins. If you wan't to make something special look at the top six pumpkins.

1. Wallflowers- The trick to this 3-D effect is to carve into (but not through) the top layer with either a lemon zester, clay loop or a linoleum cutter.

2. Pumpkin Prints- Press a pretty pattern like toil or any printed image onto a squash for a detailed yet easy look.

3. Minnie Mouse- Paint half of the pumpkin black and the other half pink. Once the paint dries paint white polkadots (on the pink). Cut circles of black craft foam for the ears then finish Minnie with a pink bow in the center.

4. Butterfly Pumpkin- Paint the pumpkin any color you would like. While the paint is still wet add a bit of glitter. Once the paint is dry glue different colored butterfly's to the pumpkin. 

5. Cinderella's Carriage- Paint a pumpkin any color. Add on doors (on each side) and windows. Use four small pumpkins for the wheels. Glue the wheels to the carriage (so it doesn't roll away). And now you have a Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage.

Lace Pumpkins- Get one pumpkin and glue lace any where on the pumpkin. And you're done. If you want you could hold (or tape) the lace on the pumpkin and paint over the lace. Once the paint is dry remove the lace and there's a beautiful pattern.

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