Fun Games

Hey, I found some fun games to play at a sleepover, party, or any event. Here they are:

1. Murder in the Dark: PREP : Make enough slips of paper (1 for every person). On one write "murderer", on two write " detective" then on the rest write suspect. Put the slips in a bowl and let everyone take one. You can't reveal to anyone who you are. (Note: Make sure to play this in a room where no one will bump into any sharp things) PLAY:  Someone counts to three and turns off the lights. The game  begins ( Ask everyone except the murderer to close their eyes). The murderer finds people and taps them on the shoulder. If you're tapped and you're a suspect, simply fall to the ground making a few dying noises. If you are tapped and are the detective, you say "detective is dead". When the detective is dead, the lights go on. All dead suspects pretend to to be dead, and even the murderer him/herself can play dead. The second detective then surveys the "bodies" and decides who they think is the murderer. If they guess wrong, the murderer has won, but if they guess right, the detective has won.

2.Spin Tasty:  GET READY: Get 7 plates and a bottle that will spin.On two plates put nice things to eat. A biscuit or sweet for example.On the remaining five plates, put out some challenges to eat. You can choose things like: mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, butter. Just make sure no one at the party has allergies.PLAY!
Now put the plates in a circle and put a bottle in the middle. Take it in turns to spin the bottle and whatever the bottle lands nearest to, you have to eat.

3. Reverse Charades:
PREP: Make slips of paper saying "lion trainer, dragon" (these are only examples). PLAY: Give one person a slip and have them put it over there forehead. Then everyone else has to try to act whatever was on the card. The one person with the slip has sixty seconds to get as many words as possible. The person who guessed the most words wins..


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