Welcome to our Blog-Our First Blog

 Welcome to our blog. I am Adrielle. I have three  friends, Arrah, Blissa and Ella.
I am from Paris, Blissa is from  Pennsylvania, Ella is from Tennessee and Arrah is from  Texas and we are now neighbors & friends!

 I came to America with my family  because we used to live  in a really noisy place.
 Ella moved because she found this really nice house. Blissa moved because her mom found her dream house. Arrah moved because her house was being foreclosed. I met all my friends in my neighborhood.Now we all play in my tree house. My best friends are so much fun!!! (You'll learn more about how we met later.)

Well, that's pretty much it. I just wanted to welcome you to our amazing blog!! You're going to love it!! Trust me!

Watch and Wait for more posts.



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